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IDG manufactures

germ free protective barriers for offices, common areas
and schools

Our Solutions


Our custom, in-house solutions can retrofit any office area or furniture system so your employees can return to work safely. Starting from your existing floor plans or an in-person audit, we design and manufacture all components in our North American facilities and our installation team takes care of all site modifications and placement.

Pre-fabricated Products​

Companies requiring immediate solutions can choose from our line of stock products. Our desk shields & dividers, portable protective floor stands, meeting and lunch room partitions will help enforce your office social distancing protocols.

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It's easy to get started

IDG Office Systems has developed a simple, comprehensive and cost effective process to transform existing office furniture systems into a welcoming, safe place to return to work.

Here's how easy this is:


We audit your floor plans or  office space in-person


We design and manufacture the best system for your needs


We ship and (optionally) install throughout North America

Our back-to-the-office-safely solutions are typically designed, engineered and installed in 6-8 weeks

Empower your employees 

to perform their best

Your office provides important infrastructure to create a culture, community and relationships to allow employees to achieve more. Your top performers are eager to return to the office and truly collaborate with colleagues. 

We all recognize there are significant psychological advantages to going into an office. It’s all about interacting in person. Employees can read each other’s body language and they can see the nuances in people’s faces and voices that do not translate over video chat.


It’s what helps us learn to trust people and bond with each other.

We are looking forward to helping you facilitate these important interactions by bringing your employees back to a safe, collaborative office environment.

For over 25 years, IDG has engineered, manufactured and installed custom commercial environments for many of the most prominent companies throughout North America.

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