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Plexiglass Barriers in Office

Germ Protection Barriers

The quickest, easiest solution

Our pre-fabricated products are perfect if your company requires immediate protective solutions so employees can go back to the office safely.  


All components are manufactured in North America using premium materials that can be cleaned easily.  All products ship flat-packed and can be assembled without professional installation.

Standardized Solutions

Your IDG Solutions Advisor can align your immediate back-to-the-office safely needs with our standardized styles and sizes.

Desk Shield
Series SG-1000

Our desk shields help mitigate employee distractions while protecting them from potential germ sources in the office. Fabricated from either clear or frosted acrylic, our desk shields are easy to assemble and provide a safe haven for employees.

Desk Divider  
Series SG-400

Our desk divider is the most flexible solution for reinforcing office social distancing while utilizing existing multi-use work surfaces. Fabricated from either clear or frosted acrylic, they are easily reconfigurable to segment workspaces.

Portable Protective Floor Stand  
Series SG-700

Our portable protective floor stand can complement any desk mounted solution by mitigating exposure to side distractions. They can also be placed in strategic locations to reinforce office social distancing protocols. 

Protective Side Wing
Series SG-800

Make adjacent desks safe for office employees who work side-by-side. Fabricated from metal and either clear or frosted acrylic, the side wings are portable and can be repositioned as seating plans evolve.

Easy Order Process

Your IDG Office Systems solutions advisor is standing-by to discuss your needs and recommend a rapid solution using our pre-fabricated components. 

Call or email us today to let us help you have employees returning to a safe office.

Meeting Room Table Divider 
Series SG-500

Make your meeting room tables a safe haven for group collaboration without impairing interpersonal connections.

Fabricated from either clear or frosted acrylic, our dividers are acoustically optimized for speech intelligibility. 

Common Area Table Divider  
Series SG-600

Cafeteria areas and huddle rooms need to be modified so employees can comply with office social distancing protocols.

Fabricated from either clear or frosted acrylic they are acoustically optimized to enhance conversation. 

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